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Less screens/more screens

Another week and another warning that we shouldn't let our children be on a screen for too long. I totally get it, you don't want your kids being zombielike after they've watched YouTube for an hour and a half. Equally I have lots of things to do, the dinner, the washing and it just buys me a little bit of time. It also gives her a little bit of chill, she's been chasing around all day in the woods, getting muddy and to sit quietly and watch an episode of Peppa Pig is great.

I feel like I'm doing good parenting if I say to my four year old "put the iPad down and come and watch the tele!"

And I've seen the tutting majority in a restaurant, when I gave my daughter my phone to watch videos, they look scornfully at me, but what would you rather a full on meltdown tantrum to go with your dinner or a nicely behaved child sitting at table watching a screen.

And then this week another report saying that we need more computer programmers so we should let our children go on computers more, make your mind up.


I’ve got a little bed bug

I keep seeing lots of posts on Facebook and social media about people cosleeping with their children in their bed. I have no real opinion because I HAVE NO CHOICE!
My little one goes to bed at around 730 she’s normally asleep by 8, around 9 o’clock I go to bed and I put the telly on and fall asleep whenever. 
When I wake up it’s normally with a foot in my face or a knee in my back I’ve had fingers in my eyes and this morning I was teetering on the edge of the bed. My four-year-old cannot stay an entire night in her own bed and so comes and gets into mine, normally still half asleep. When I tackle her on the subject she says that the moon does magic and puts her in my bed. I’ve offered to have a word with the moon but apparently the moon won’t budge and the magic continues.
The problem is this I don’t even wake up when she comes in so how am I supposed to follow supernanny’s rules to lead her back into her bed when I don’t even realise she is there until the morning. As soon as she is in my space she wants my warmth as well and so will just squeeze up against me until I’m practically over the side and out of the duvet. How long do I have to endure all this? And bar locking her door, how do I stop it please oh wise ones? 


It’s the most entertaining drive to work, seeing all the kids walking to school dressed as their favourite characters for World Book Day. I was really proud of Rich from heart Breakfast, who came to work dressed as the very Hungry Caterpillar (This may or may not have happened). There’s always a Harry Potter at each school, a ‘Tiger that Came to Tea’ and Where’s Wally for such a fantastic day to encourage reading. But there were also questionable costumes that I think come from parents that forget this worldwide day until the night before and raid the dressing up box. Little Bo Peep was the first one to make me say “Is that a book? “I thought it was a nursery rhyme?” Then I saw a girl dressed as a my little pony toy, as far as I’m aware they’re on the tele too, but not in books. I also clocked a teacher go dressed with bright pink hair, as Poppy from the film Trolls. Yes, the FILM Trolls. Are they from books? I suppose you can get colouring books and an Annual every year.

My new Car….(it’s not mine)

I’ve just been to pick up my beautiful top of the range Toyota Yaris from Snows Toyota (I have to remember it’s not mine). Before I had a child I had no idea how that can incur on your life, but yes even picking up a vehicle took 10 times as long, with an excited 4 year old asking how long it’s going to take, what the man’s name is, how much longer, can I have your phone mummy, how much longer and can I drive it please mummy?? 
I knew it was going to be hard work with my daughter trying to catch my attention at every opportunity, so I’d gone ready loaded to the plush showroom loaded with kids snacks it was similar to feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square as I passed haribo to her like they were going out of fashion, just so I could hear how a hybrid works. 
All done though and with my head full of instructions I drove away from there all chuffed, with my brand spanking new Toyota feeling more ‘earth mother’ than swampy the tree hugging protester with my hybrid.

A big blog perk

For 4 years now I’ve been blogging about how I constantly get being a mum wrong and letting you know about the mistakes and stupid stuff my daughter and I get up to. It has always served as a bit of therapy and of course you lovely people have helped me out no end with suggestions about how to tackle a problem or recounting stories of when you’ve failed too! I don’t get paid to do it and never expected to, I just wanted to feel like I wasn’t going on the roller coaster of motherhood alone….
Until now that is, turns out the lovely people at Snows Toyota have been following my badmum blog and have come to the somewhat surprising decision to offer me a car for a couple of weeks and see how badmum gets on…..
Challenge accepted!
What challenge you ask? The challenge all mothers face…. How do I get through a journey without spillage, breakage or any other ‘age that often results in a random Strawberry Bon bons being stuck to my backside all day without my knowledge or agreement….yeah, you know it, that kind of thing. 

It’s not for kids!!!

Have people always sent cards to their children for Valentine’s Day? Is this a new thing or something my parents just didn’t join in with? As well as being made to feel sick with all the couple pictures on social media (love them so much? Tell them face to face maybe?) it’s now de rigueur to get your kids in on the act too. Although I doubt my 4 year old would be very impressed with flowers and a poem that I’d written about her. But it’s exactly that I’ve seen on Twitter this morning! 

Mums and Dads going over the top almost like their kid has a second birthday on 14th February. C’mon people stop, let’s get back to that day being about sending your crush a cheeky card to make them feel loved, nothing more, stop spooling it. And don’t get me started on dad’s taking daughters on “dates”