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Summer time wasting

In the summer holidays were all looking for things to keep the kids occupied, so please can I pass on my little tip to you. Having just got back from a very rainy and muddy Camp Bestival weekend at certain times it was easier said than done entertaining our little rugrats, but we stumbled upon something rather wonderful when inside the tent because rain had stopped playing.

Eating jelly with a fork it turns out is hilarious, tasty and takes a long time cos it keeps dropping off. How brilliant, I'm applying this principle to everything during the next month to see if it will hold off the screams of "Mummmmmmyyyyyyy!" (See my last blog) I wonder what else I can do it with? Spaghetti with a cocktail stick? Drawing only with things found in the garden?

It’ll stay with you for the rest of your life!

Do you remember when you first had to do your signature? I think I had to sign for a bank account when I was about 10 and I’ve had to do the same sign ever since.
My daughter is four years old and starts school in September. We’ve had the forms through from the school about who’s going to pick her up what school uniform to get and what will be on the lunchtime menu. Also in the pack was a form about the moral values that everyone must follow. It’s to be signed by the headteacher, the form teacher, a parent and the child. SHE’S FOUR YEARS OLD!!!! If she draws a picture of what she says is a horse I think it’s fireworks! 

School induction nerves

I’m off to my little ones school induction tonight and I’m nervous as hell. Would it be ok to take her or does that flag up that I’m “one of those ” yknow single mothers? Do I look stupid asking what time school starts and finishes? Shouldn’t I just know that information? 

What happens if they don’t have garlic bread on the menu every day? I swear that kid lives on the stuff! And I’m imagining her crying her heart out when she realises they don’t do jam sandwiches either. 

And will I burst into tears in anticipation like I did in my ante-natal class? 

How can my baby be going to school???

It’s only 5.45am and what a day it’s been already. Today everybody finds out which school their children with start at. I was very very nervous yesterday because I couldn’t work out which catchment we came in to. We are on the boundary of councils and I have no idea whether she would get into the school nearest us. 
My friend has even talked me through the appeals process. I knew you could log onto the council website after midnight but did I really want to be waking myself up with an alarm at midnight then not being able to sleep because I’m so worried about what will happen. Anyway at 3 AM I woke up as per with a foot in my face, I got up to go to the loo desperately trying not to check my emails eventually I bit the bullet and opened that council message. 
Total relief is what I felt, she got into the first choice school which is two seconds from our house. So the anxious feelings should’ve disappeared at that point. But they didn’t. I now feel panicked, anxious and worried at the thought of her going to school, my little baby is all grown up. 
I’ve got really choked thinking of her standing in her uniform and going in the school gates and gaining lots of independence and not needing me so much any more. It brings tears to my eyes. I know she’ll be fine, she’s been going to the childminder since she was eight weeks old and I had to go back to work, but this feels really different. I know that she will probably skip through the school gates and enjoy learning and playing with new friends but I just feel weird about it. 
So when I tell her later about the school that she’s going to, i’ll front it out just like I do with the fear when we get on a rollercoaster, I block it out and she will get excited. 

Not again, pleeeeeease…

Arrrgghhh what to do about this one oh knowledgable ones?! I am absolutely sick of reading the very hungry bloody caterpillar! It has been demanded every single night for a year now and there is no swerving it. That little green tike is doing my head in, I can’t miss a word otherwise we have to start again, fingers have to follow his journey through all the holes in the food and if we miss one, same deal. Much as I know it off by heart I’ve been instructed to sit beside the bed and point out every word I’m reading until we get to the part where she can list off all the food that greedy little bug eats in one day. It’s not as if I haven’t offered anything else, the one about a monkey is very entertaining and I’ll even do different voices, but no. 

The rabbit trying to go to sleep is an average story, but lifting flaps to see what’s behind is fun right, but no.

I’ve literally been pleading to read something else, just once a month, once a week would be a dream. But that girl is steadfast, and I wouldn’t like to be the one to tell her that I’ve thrown it in the bin. 

Cos you aren’t gold

My little girl is well impressed with having the Toyota Yaris to take her to pre school and says she likes silver…..but gold is the best, can’t we have a gold one? (It’s actually gun metal grey and I really like it, it hides a fair amount of dirt) .


It’s the most entertaining drive to work, seeing all the kids walking to school dressed as their favourite characters for World Book Day. I was really proud of Rich from heart Breakfast, who came to work dressed as the very Hungry Caterpillar (This may or may not have happened). There’s always a Harry Potter at each school, a ‘Tiger that Came to Tea’ and Where’s Wally for such a fantastic day to encourage reading. But there were also questionable costumes that I think come from parents that forget this worldwide day until the night before and raid the dressing up box. Little Bo Peep was the first one to make me say “Is that a book? “I thought it was a nursery rhyme?” Then I saw a girl dressed as a my little pony toy, as far as I’m aware they’re on the tele too, but not in books. I also clocked a teacher go dressed with bright pink hair, as Poppy from the film Trolls. Yes, the FILM Trolls. Are they from books? I suppose you can get colouring books and an Annual every year.