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Summer time wasting

In the summer holidays were all looking for things to keep the kids occupied, so please can I pass on my little tip to you. Having just got back from a very rainy and muddy Camp Bestival weekend at certain times it was easier said than done entertaining our little rugrats, but we stumbled upon something rather wonderful when inside the tent because rain had stopped playing.

Eating jelly with a fork it turns out is hilarious, tasty and takes a long time cos it keeps dropping off. How brilliant, I'm applying this principle to everything during the next month to see if it will hold off the screams of "Mummmmmmyyyyyyy!" (See my last blog) I wonder what else I can do it with? Spaghetti with a cocktail stick? Drawing only with things found in the garden?


Surreal Sunday

I’ve just got back from the weirdest Sunday afternoon ever, I’m just back from a rave! Ha no I didn’t think I’d be saying that at my age and with a 4 year old in tow, but it was fantastic, a family rave. All the old cheesy quavers (ravers) from back in the day still love all those tunes that they heard in the middle of a field, but now they’re hitting middle age and don’t really get out dancing anymore (I’m judging by my own standards) so, anyway, those ravers are still there and these family raves are for them, but this time around they take their kids with them and wear more comfortable shoes. 

At lunchtime on a Sunday there was a queue of people to get into a nightclub in town. I could hear the thud of the bass and was immediately transported back to a farm where someone had set up a sound system, what a wonderful trip down memory lane. And to have my 4 year old there, loving the tunes, the lights and carrying glow sticks was both emotional and hilarious. I’d already tried to educate her about house music and she dances to it with her hands in the air like she’s holding up the roof. 

Every time a new song dropped all the people over 4ft tall let out a whoop and had big smiles, the kids thought it was ace to just be inside a nightclub and with glitter cannons and bubbles too, dreams were made today. 

Loaded up for hockey

I played hockey at the weekend and so my lovely Toyota Yaris has been loaded up, I mean loads of luggage, not only did I need my kit, but I also need to take about a weeks worth of entertainment for my daughter, which includes a buggy for sleeping, a bike, teddy, a bag of princesses, a bag of “My little Pony’s” some stickers, a lunchbox, 5 blankets just in case, a football, a scooter and 8 coats because she can’t decide which one to wear and of course wellies and a change of clothes. It all fitted in admirably, I don’t really want to unload it and find all the debris. 

Soft play, heaven or hell?

Soft play, most people’s idea of hell on earth. Brightly coloured crash mats and climbing frames all covered in snot and jammie dodgers. That’s why the kids MUST keep their socks on, just in case the slip on something that shouldn’t be there. There’s a coffee shop that sells cakes that are too good not to eat even at this time of year and sofas that allow me to lie back and shut my eyes just for a second, even if I can’t block out the excited squeals coming out the bottom of the twisty tube slide. Approximately every 20 seconds a call will come from somewhere “mummmmmyyyy” as 30 alert mothers turn their heads like meerkats. 

Even with all this going on we managed to stay for 4 hours, really got our money’s worth out of our £4 entry fee. My little un went up the climbing frame and back down the slide, did a great impression of Miley Cyrus on the plastic cannonball thing and played with other children until one of them looked at her funny. In fact the only reason we didn’t stay for another couple of hours is because my phone ran out of battery. 

Uh-oh we may have cleared the pool

My 3 year old cleared out the baby pool! Ah no, take that thought from your mind, it wasn’t that. Nanny and pops took her to the local baths to see her doing her ‘fish like stuff’ in the water. Trying to be the aspiring earth mother, I’d given her a load of fruit beforehand, which she regurgitated after swallowing a load of the chlorine water. 

The lifeguard got his net out and started fishing blueberry skins from the pool. I presume he didn’t know what they were, after he called for the toddlers section to be cleared. Embarrassed that someone might think that my girl had, had one of those accidents, we hurried off to the changing rooms. 

Pleeeeease don’t do that!!

Must I point out EVERYTHING that my 3 year old shouldn’t do? Should I have to tell her that spaghetti hoops are to go in your mouth not up your nose. Should I have to tell her that you don’t have to ‘huggle’ the shop assistant that asked if you needed any help. And should I have to tell her that paint is to go on paper not shoes or dogs. I picked her up from pre school this week, full of smiles and regaling me with stories of what she’d been up to. Digging up potatoes, kicking through the leaves and painting. PAINTING HER SHOES! The beautiful light blue shoes had come home bright red and are, as we speak, spinning round the washing machine. To be fair though, she was very neat and tidy, and didn’t go over the lines. 

How do you choose a school?

In just about a year my little one will be starting school and there seems to be a lot of ‘mum chat’ about it, everywhere I go. The question that comes up is where will you send her? Here’s my first point, I wasn’t aware that we got a choice, I thought you just went to the nearest and that was it?! There are 3 schools in our village, all of them seem fine, so which one do I go for? 1 is just 200 yards from home. 

I have this romantic idea of swishing along each day in the sunshine to pick up my cherub from her day spent being a genius when in actual fact it will be an awful sight, as I run in the rain wearing flip flops looking like a drowned rat, to pick up a little minx and her indecipherable paintings! 

Also, I’d like her to have her friends local, so we can bump into them at the shops or in the park….and so I’m not ferrying a 5 year old around everyday! 

Should I go along and have a look around on an open day and what should I be looking for? Is it similar to when you’re house hunting and you get a feeling from the right one? 

I’ve checked out all their websites, all much of a muchness, but one thing stood out. There was a post asking parents to leave the children’s PE kit in school, FOR AN ENTIRE TERM!!! What? Do they expect it to only be washed every 3 months?! 

Will she get on with the teachers? Will she get on with the other kids? Will I become mates with the others at the school gates? Will I break the rules and take her PE kit home for a wash?