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The easiest way for a mum to make money

I reckon I've solved the gender pay gap problem. You have a jar in your house, much like a swear jar, but instead of putting in a pound for every naughty word uttered, a quid goes in every time someone says/shouts/screams the word mum. In my house I'd be on about £100 an hour, I'll be a millionaire in no time!

Got to go, just earned myself another fiver!

Trying to sleep in the heat hell

Last night was hell trying to get my little girl to sleep in the heat. We’d been in the garden all afternoon when it was 30 degrees and she been led in a sleeping bag cos she’s cold in the shade! So, it came as no surprise that her bedroom was too hot to go to sleep. She still of course wanted her duvet and 15 blankets covering her and I stayed for five minutes holding a hand so that should settle down. 10 minutes later she’s up again and asking for a drink and taking her pyjamas off. I put her back in bed but then heard a voice from the top of the stairs asking to go into my room because it’s cooler. Then she couldn’t sleep because I wasn’t with her so I got into my bed and waited for her to close her eyes, that didn’t happen. 
Boiling under the duvet she started a conversation about when she’s a grown-up and she has a baby in her tummy. Will it be a boy or a girl, what names will they have, will I then be a nanny and will she be a mummy? No sign of sleep yet. We are now two hours into the bedtime routine and she starts to close her eyes when we hear the familiar sound of Mr whippy!Why does the ice cream van have to come past playing the music at 8.45 when all the windows are open? No, I don’t know what that noise is! No that isn’t an owl doing magic! Yes I can hear an aeroplane, but GO TO SLEEP!!! 

It’ll stay with you for the rest of your life!

Do you remember when you first had to do your signature? I think I had to sign for a bank account when I was about 10 and I’ve had to do the same sign ever since.
My daughter is four years old and starts school in September. We’ve had the forms through from the school about who’s going to pick her up what school uniform to get and what will be on the lunchtime menu. Also in the pack was a form about the moral values that everyone must follow. It’s to be signed by the headteacher, the form teacher, a parent and the child. SHE’S FOUR YEARS OLD!!!! If she draws a picture of what she says is a horse I think it’s fireworks! 

School induction nerves

I’m off to my little ones school induction tonight and I’m nervous as hell. Would it be ok to take her or does that flag up that I’m “one of those ” yknow single mothers? Do I look stupid asking what time school starts and finishes? Shouldn’t I just know that information? 

What happens if they don’t have garlic bread on the menu every day? I swear that kid lives on the stuff! And I’m imagining her crying her heart out when she realises they don’t do jam sandwiches either. 

And will I burst into tears in anticipation like I did in my ante-natal class? 

Finally, a good nights sleepĀ 

Shout it from the rooftops this is bigger than Coronation Day in Frozen Arundelle! Hang out the bunting, get a brass band to play at the party and let’s do a conga! I’ve only gone and got myself a big girl that stays in her bed all night! I feel like a different woman! 
For two years now my daughter has got out of her own bed, snuck into my bedroom and got in the other side of where I’m sleeping. Last night she didn’t, last night she went all the way through. So of course when I woke up at 4 AM I had to go and check on her to make sure that she was okay. It feels like a totally different era already. 

Let’s see how long it lasts, how long it takes before she remembers the comfortable warm slumber she gets beside me and I get a 4 year olds toe up my nose whilst catching zeds. Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

How can my baby be going to school???

It’s only 5.45am and what a day it’s been already. Today everybody finds out which school their children with start at. I was very very nervous yesterday because I couldn’t work out which catchment we came in to. We are on the boundary of councils and I have no idea whether she would get into the school nearest us. 
My friend has even talked me through the appeals process. I knew you could log onto the council website after midnight but did I really want to be waking myself up with an alarm at midnight then not being able to sleep because I’m so worried about what will happen. Anyway at 3 AM I woke up as per with a foot in my face, I got up to go to the loo desperately trying not to check my emails eventually I bit the bullet and opened that council message. 
Total relief is what I felt, she got into the first choice school which is two seconds from our house. So the anxious feelings should’ve disappeared at that point. But they didn’t. I now feel panicked, anxious and worried at the thought of her going to school, my little baby is all grown up. 
I’ve got really choked thinking of her standing in her uniform and going in the school gates and gaining lots of independence and not needing me so much any more. It brings tears to my eyes. I know she’ll be fine, she’s been going to the childminder since she was eight weeks old and I had to go back to work, but this feels really different. I know that she will probably skip through the school gates and enjoy learning and playing with new friends but I just feel weird about it. 
So when I tell her later about the school that she’s going to, i’ll front it out just like I do with the fear when we get on a rollercoaster, I block it out and she will get excited.