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Cute politics

Brexit is all a bit of a mess isn’t it? We watched the debate in the House of Commons on Monday afternoon because my 5 year old is trying to become a school councillor so I was explaining the basics of government.

Obviously when they address anyone in the house they reply to their “Right honourable friend” So we gave it a go, she put her best posh politician’s voice on and said “my right horrible friend”. I bet Teresa May wishes she could’ve said that too!


Homemade Christmas

I’m sure you’ve done this at some point in your life, everyone does right? I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase but they were coming to the end of their days, the petals had fallen off.

Before I could clear them to the bin my five year old had collected them up and trotted off to the kitchen. After hearing lots of crashing about in cupboards I peered my head around to find that she had made 15 boxes/jugs/cups of ‘perfume’.

Of course, as was pointed out, the optimum is 4 petals in each pot for a beautiful aroma. So, guess what everyones getting for Christmas, although I may decant them into little bottles just so I can have my Tupperware back.

LOL surprise, I’d be Lolling if I was you too

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…….and my bank balance is going down, my five year old has asked for one thing over and over again, an LOL big surprise! I try and tempt her with other things but that little bleeder keeps coming up.

It’s a big plastic box with 3 dolls no bigger than your hand and an array of clothes and accessories for them. What are you thinking, tenner, twenty at most? Nope the thing my little darling wants most is £85! Oh my goodness, Is this really what people were talking about when they said kids were expensive? £85 is a weekend away, not a couple of plastic girls that will get lost in the toy box in minutes (am I doing a good job of talking myself out of this?) but what about Christmas Day, when I get the sad face cos there was no ‘big surprise’ under the tree?

Ok, I’ll make a deal, if it’s under a fiver after Christmas she can have it for her birthday.

Dinosaur troubles

My darling five year olds homework this week was to write a poem about a dinosaur, IN THE SHAPE OF A DINOSAUR! What? You have got to be kidding me? That sounds like parents home work to me and I have no jeffing idea where to start with it, when I draw a stick man it looks more like a stick than a man and my interpretation of a horse looks like fireworks!

I’ve been trying to get my girl to write on the line from left to right for the last two years and now you want her to write a rhyme down a diplodocus’ neck?

I need to stop saying yes!

Do you ever say yes to something and then get the fear because you don’t quite know what you’ve said yes to?

That’s what I did yesterday at the end of a school volunteers meeting, they have these to run through health and safety, confidentiality and safeguarding, that kind of stuff, but at the end they asked how often I could volunteer, to which year group and what skills I could bring?

I think I’ve signed up to do baton twirling, nine till six, Monday to Thursday! It may not go down so well with my boss.

Pumpkin pain

Hats off to parents that have been carving and hollowing pumpkins for years, that is a tough gig man! It took me an hour per pumpkin, I’ve got rivets in my fingers and cuts on my hands and both orange fruity things look like they were done by a 2 year old!

I remember when I was little and had a birthday party close to Halloween, my dad did 30 of the scary faces, each one an original, for the kids to take home. But it turned out they were all petrified of them and no one was brave enough to take one home, so we were left with a very freaky looking garage, everywhere you turned little orange pumpkin heads laughing and looking at you.

Upstairs, downstairs

I just wanted to share a thought with you this week, are you the same as me, do you find parenting is mostly taking things upstairs and bringing things downstairs…..a lot? 😂😂😂