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First day of school

It’s an emotional thing seeing your little ones go off to school for the first time. I knew that I would have tears, but I don’t really know why? Is it because it’s the end of an era, because they’re growing up so quickly or just pride in them?

My daughter started today and I really felt quite up together. We were up breakfast-ed and dressed in plenty of time, all ready for the stand in front of a door in your uniform picture, the picture that will live for ever and be brought out for any and every occasion.

I could feel myself welling up as we approached the gates, but I collected myself, show no fear was the mantra in my mind, if I’m confident so is she. I discovered that parents are allowed into the classroom to get them sorted with their peg for coats etc and was in two minds about it. I needn’t have worried, when the bell went, she gave me a kiss and a “love you mummy” turned on her heels and off she went, not even a glance backwards. That’s my girl!

*I bawled my eyes out all the way home!


Too young to have FOMO?

I was given what I think was a back handed compliment today, someone suggested I was too much fun and little un was probably creating because she thought I’d be having a bit of a party without her, haha. I mean can 5 year olds get FOMO?? Should I make our time together more boring maybe?

I’m trying to go out on my own and leave my daughter at home, It’s so hard though isn’t it?? I went out on Saturday for a couple of hours, just as a trial run, the scream that came out of her as I stepped out the door broke my heart. Luckily I had a mate with me who was cheerleading me away from the house and wouldn’t let me look back. I got through it with the help of a nice Sauvignon Blanc, got back to the house, she was as right as rain, like nothing had happened at all. We’ll keep plugging away at this one. Xx

Can I go out tonight please?

I’ve got a problem and I could do with your help, please help me with this one. My five-year-old won’t let me go out!

I’m a single mum with the sole care of my daughter, no weekends off, nothing, nada. So yes the problem is she won’t let me go for a night out, a couple of hours out, not even an hour out. I’ve had a taxi waiting outside the door for half an hour because she is literally clinging onto my leg screaming blue murder, she is so upset, so distraught it just makes me want to cry and it certainly doesn’t put me in the mood for going to town with my mates.

I’ve tried to talk to her about this a couple of times, but the tears start and she refuses to talk about it. I’ve asked her why she doesn’t want me to go out, the answer comes back “I just want to be with you mummy” oh and this was a new one yesterday “I think you’re in danger mummy.” Is this like separation anxiety (I thought that only occurred in toddlers) or is it in actual fact an intelligent little five-year-old who knows how to play her mother, pulling at my heart strings trying to force me to never go out without her? We do lots of fun stuff, 3 festivals and a holiday in the last month means we’ve had amazing time together.

But I need my own time as well to be the best mum that I can be to her. So how do we get around this problem, I’m looking for any advice at all and I’ve used bribery in the past, I’ve tried sneaking out the door, I’ve built her built her a den then run off, I’ve waited for her to go to sleep but I’m now at my wits end with it. I need to go out and I’d like to know that she is happy with it. So, wise ones how do I reassure her? Is there even any reassurance I can give her or is it just a case of having to be the boss and just say I’m going? I’d really appreciate anything at all on this….

Yours, with a clear diary, Zoe xx

Bedtimes adding up

It’s Tuesday night and I’ve just realised how much time I spend putting my five-year-old to bed. My friend is sat downstairs with the TV remote and a cup of tea while I read a story and get my little one to sleep. It took half an hour tonight, that’s actually not bad going last night it was three hours and I think I just put her in my bed with me and dropped off before she did.

As you can see I’ve got a lot of time with my hands waiting for her to get some shut eye while she wriggles about under the duvet and I’ve used that time to do a bit of maths. Half an hour every night amounts to 3 1/2 hours a week, that’s 14 hours a month and, get this, over 180 hours per year, that’s over a week, every year! That’s an entire holiday! Please go to sleep quickly tonight, please.

Is the tooth fairy flush or skint?

My 5 year old daughter is desperate to lose her baby teeth, so desperate that she gets me to check if any of her pegs are wobbly each evening. She tells me 4 of them are moving around, none of them are. The next night a different 4 are swaying around, but I check them, rock solid.

But I know that we’re urging ever closer to being a bit gummy for a while, so tell me oh wise ones, how much is that lovely but skint tooth fairy leaving these days? Surely it’s metal not paper right?

Inflatable heaven

Holidaymakers have gone inflatable mad, I don’t think they let you through customs without one. We are on holiday at the moment in Lanzarote and you can barely see an inch of the pool for glittery unicorns. Gone are the days where everyone was over the moon with a lilo (if you were posh you had one of the silver ones with a cup holder, but I’m talking really posh). This year there’s boats with shades for two babies, flamingos that take 4, toucans, double rubber rings, dogs, crocodiles, aeroplanes and ponies. We packed a rubber ring, it was a boat when we started but the bottom fell out of it.

It’s been a year of firsts and we’re not done yet, end of year teacher presents, what to get? When I saw boxes of matchmakers in the shops for a quid each I thought “Oh yes brilliant, a couple of boxes of them, who doesn’t like matchmakers?“ But when I spoke to some other mums they definitely turned their noses up at the minty sticks so I got all paranoid, went to the off-licence and got a couple of bottles of wine.

It was a little embarrassing walking to school pick up with a gift bag vino in each hand, but I doubt it would be as embarrassing as sending a five-year-old to school with her bag clinking like she’s got some alcohol problem.