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Split up from my kid on a flight!

I really can’t believe what I’m about to tell you. We’ve just had a lovely holiday in Sardinia, went to the airport to check in for the return flight and walked away with our tickets. It was pure luck then I looked at the boarding passes to see if we had a window seat for my little one that wanted it so much, and that I clocked that three of us, two adults and a child had been completely split up. No I’m not talking one on either side of the aisle, we were sat 10 rows apart. My daughter is four years old for goodness sake, she can’t be expected to sit on her own, and I doubt she would anyway.
And what about the people she’d be sat with, I doubt if they would enjoy the flight either. I find it completely unacceptable and have since heard that it’s a moneymaking scheme by the airlines to make you pay to book your seat. If the adults are split up its no real bother but the airline would surely not take a four-year-old flying on their own, so how can this be seen as okay? I really can’t believe it. How can I be responsible for her if she’s not even within spitting distance of me. It’s not like they didn’t know her age, they saw her passport, they saw her asleep in the buggy, they even put a luggage tag on the pushchair. You can’t honestly begin to understand what that would do to a parent and what it did to me when I don’t like flying anyway. And what if some thing happened in midair? Would I have to rely on a complete stranger to take her to the toilet, to fire her iPad up to watch Zootropolis and to do colouring in with her?
As it was, I marched straight back to the desk and had stern words, making sure she was at least sat with me. It’s complete madness and I’m getting more cross as I write this. Come on airlines sort it out.


Holidays are coming….

At this time of year everybody’s looking around at the holidays that they going to take in the summer. As a single parent I’d love to just book one and fly off, but you know it’s never as simple as that. And being on my own throws up some issues that I’d never considered.
Last year we went away with another family and a friend of mine, and that was absolutely perfect, just a big gang of us we all took care of each other. 
The first hurdle this year is the price. You can only get a free child place if there are two paying adults going as well, otherwise I’m paying full price for a four-year-old who’ll eat one slice of garlic bread a day, not good value from the all-inclusive buffet.
I started to try and imagine us being away and thought about taking my little girl to the beach. She’s never one to shy away from the water and of course I wouldn’t let her go in the sea on her own so would have to go in with her, but who would look after our stuff, I couldn’t just leave my handbag there with my phone and all the other bits, but there’s no way I’d let her wonder out on her Todd. 
The next scenario I came up with, I could see causing some real problems. Imagine the scene, my preschooler is in the pool (like she is for approximately eight hours a day on holiday) and I need the toilet. The chances of her getting out of the pool to come with me are close to zilch, zero, not a hope. How would you get around that one? Sit on a lounger with your legs crossed for an hour as you wait for her to get out, I couldn’t just leave her there bobbing about in her armbands.
I have lovely memories of our time away last year, a big gang of us, which meant she always had somebody to play with, fast forward to this year and mummy will get no peace. Even now it’s spoiling my dreams of sitting on a sun lounger, on the 45th page of my book as the sun beams down on me, ahhh relax. 

Hide your fear…

I try and do my best to build confidence in my daughter, at 3 years old she’s susceptible to all the things that she hears others are scared of. 
She went crazy the other day at the tiniest spider, but I reassured her that spiders are actually our friends and get rid of all the other bugs for us. We now give them a name, normally Barbara, and have a chat with them about not running too quickly across the carpet. I do this because I have mates who are petrified of the eight legged creatures and can’t stand to be near them. I even have a friend who couldn’t go to work one day because there was a spider beside the front door! 
Flying on a plane is not one of my favourite things to do, but I know that my three year old picks up on my fear, so I smile throughout.
I was a little more tested this week, when I woke up with an animal in front of my face while camping in a tent. I’m not going to lie, it did make me jump, you would if you had a reptile there too. It was a tiny little monster, all curled up under my towel. When the kids woke up, I put on my best brave face and acted like a zoo keeper. We named him Colin and watched him climb the side of the tent with his ‘sticky feet’. 
To be honest it probably does me good too, hiding fear, a little bit of fake it before you make it.

The trials and tribulations of holidays 

Why am I so anxious about taking my little girl on holiday? I’ve been abroad lots of times before but I’m totally out of my comfort zone as this is her first time jetting off to another country and I’m trying to ward off all the issues before they come up. Firstly, I’m having problems checking in online and therefore can’t see where we’re sat; does that mean that she could be sat at the back with complete strangers trying to get them to play princesses while I grab a little sleep at the front? 

If she is sat with me I have to try to make her sit still, an almost impossible task, so I’ve loaded about 50,000 films on my iPad, her iPad, my phone, friends kindles, but I know she’ll still demand to watch a movie we don’t have. One tip a friend gave me was to buy a drink for all the people sat round me on the plane, they become a little more forgiving of a 3 year old fidgeting.

One of the reasons I’ve not taken her away before is because she’s so pale, sometimes she even looks blue, so I’ve chased round the shops and grabbed all the sun cream I can get, I honestly have litres of the stuff, hats, full length swim suits and more sun cream factor 800 of course. But I still reckon she’ll burn, she goes red in the snow!

Have I packed enough clothes for her? 85 outfits for a week should see us through shouldn’t it? What will she eat while in a foreign country? It’s hard enough to get the little mite to eat here, so I’ve loaded up with 50 bags of monster munch and 60 blue ribband biscuits just for the flight. 

Am I going to get any rest at all? I love to sit by the pool with a cocktail in the sunshine, but I have a feeling that I won’t be able to read a page of my book without being jumped on by a toddler or hearing “muuuuuummmmmmy!!!!” From the other side of the pool. This isn’t shaping up to be much of a break is it? 


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