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Caught cake handed! 

Caught out! Yep I got caught red handed trying to hide the fact that I was stuffing my face with chocolate Swiss roll from a kids party buffet. I wasn’t even hungry until the bowls of sausages and crisps started to come out.

My daughter only eats 3 wotsits and half a chicken nugget on average at these things, so I actually see it as my duty to not let the rest go to waste. With a mug of tea in one hand I pounced with perfect timing so people would think I was delivering that slice of cake to my girl, but in actual fact I was going to turn my back and aim it straight at my face, like it had got there by accident. 😂


My tip for fussy eaters

I was amazed at something we found on Holiday so I’ve brought it home with me. The kids all get a lanyard to wear around their necks and for every food they try or each healthy food they eat they get a sticker.

I’ve never seen my four year old tuck in so much. The excitement on her face at getting a sticky smiley face to go on her card was beautiful. She had a go at pretty much everything, from squid to salmon to star fruit. And was so proud of herself at filling the card and getting a certificate. It may not work for everyone, but 4 months on its a winner in our house.

It’s just baby weight

I’ve just chucked out 40 bras! 40 bras from a pre-baby time, that I’ve kept, thinking that my body, at some point will go back to its original shape.

Ha, no such luck, she’s nearly 5 years old and I’m still trying to lose the pregnancy weight. I feel sick when I see celebs snapping back into shape within 3 seconds of popping a sprog.

And pining for a time when everything stayed up and didn’t head south when naked, oh apart from my belly which sticks out so much it looks like I’m a couple of months gone. I’ve got a dress hung up in the wardrobe, it’s my goal dress, strapless, gorgeous blue dress is ready to go when I lose a couple of stone.

So the question is, do I keep it or have a clear out, I think I’ll be in my 60’s by the time I get in it?

Christmas crazy

I’ve been called crazy for being so organised for Christmas, but I can promise you there’s method in my madness. By the 1st of December I am completely sorted for the festive season with cards written and the presents all bought, its plain sailing from then on in. You see it frees me up completely to enjoy the spirit of the holidays, without getting caught up in the bun fight at the shops, the stress of trying to find a sold out toy and not having to queue up at the end of a line of, what feels like 2 thousand people. Last weekend I took my 3 year old to ‘Nativity Live’ How wonderful to walk through the story being acted out live in front of us, little un thought it was truly magical, especially the Angel that came into the room via a glass lift. We even made a donkey out of a brown paper bag, a toilet roll and some newspaper, and a gingerbread man pregnant virgin Mary! You put a marshmallow on his tummy and cover him in icing, in case you were wondering.

Am I being clever or lazy? 

Does anyone else see an easy option so clearly? I’m probably living up to my ‘bad mum’ title by saying this but my daughter is a fussy eater and so if I can spot a way to feed her that doesn’t take a. any cooking from me and b. Any preparation from me, then I’ll take it, rather than slave over the stove, only for her to push it away as soon as it gets to the table. 
It really was like Christmas had come early in our local M&S last week, they had 4 sampling stations with mulled wine for me, biscuits, bread and chocolate for her. We went round 3 times, that’s about a dinner’s worth isn’t it?
The week before, there was a leaving lunch for a colleague I jumped at the chance to bring my 3yr old daughter in to see which sandwiches she’d go for. There was an enormous buffet, sandwiches, wraps, fruit, cakes, biscuits, filled a gap in her tiny tummy. Yes it’s lazy, but she’s been fed and watered and is happy for the rest of the day. Can’t wait for birthday party season….

Rowing with a 3 year old….

Omg 3 year olds are hard work! Last night I started to write a list of all the things that my little girl had had a paddy about. Remember, They all happened within an hour and I had to either justify all of these things or back down and let her do what SHE wants! (This is more often than not the easier option.)  
She doesn’t want to get in the bath

She wants to do the bubbles herself

She wants to get in herself

She wants to wash mummy

She wants to tip water out of the bath

She doesn’t want to get out of the bath

She doesn’t know which toothbrush to choose

She wants to climb and reach it

She wants to put the toothbrush back


She wants to Hide rather than get pyjamas on

She doesn’t want to wear those pyjamas

She wants to put them on herself

she wants to wear my necklace like a princess 

she wants to wear my necklace like a princess for a little longer

She doesn’t want her hair brushed, even though I have promised to do it like Princess Elsa 

It’s her turn to shout the first line of lion king

It’s her turn to hide


She wants a biscuit

She wants to come and get it herself

She wants to be carried to come and get it

It’s the wrong colour cup

She wants more sooty on the tele


She doesn’t want that story

She wants to get out of bed to chose

She wants a cuddle

She wants to hold Mummy’s hand

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut

She wants to put her feet in the air

She doesn’t want to put them down

She wants me to tuck her in, but not with the duvet

She wants the fluffy doggie in bed

She wants to get it

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut

She wants to cuddle Mummy

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut

She has got her eyes shut



The absolute bonus having a toddler….

Having had a lovely week away in Cyprus last week and making the most of the all-inclusive buffet, I was dreading getting on the scales.There were 8 of us away together and it really shouldn’t have been a competition as to who could fill their plate the highest but it turned into that. And I just couldn’t resist going up again if I spotted something lovely on their plate that I hadn’t tasted.

Half a stone! Half a stone! Wow I really went for it! So now I’m back on the diets and trying to do lots of exercise to shift my extra timber. This week, I’ve been for a run, played hockey and done a dance exercise class. But all these things make me extra hungry so when I got home one night I went on the search for a bit of chocolate.
There must be some in the house, I’ve got a 3-year-old, so I’m always squirrellingsome away in places she won’t find it. What a bonus when I managed to find an Easter egg in the garage, I couldn’t get it out of the foil quick enough to stuff in my face.