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The day out in London

I really do try and get the best and the most out of life I think that it should be about experiences and new things and yesterday we had is just an amazing experience. We took the kids on the train to London I’ve researched it and try to work out where to be and what time and how to get the most out of it all, especially the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

I’ve been looking this up on various websites for about a month now trying to work out the timings and whether there is a band and the best place to stand on whether the kids will be able to see anything only to find when we got there on an earlier train that there was NO changing of the guard ceremony on the day that we were there, typical.

Actually it wasn’t a bad deal because it meant that there were massive crowds to get through and we can get right up to the railings and my little girl could wave a flag and sing the national anthem at the Queen in that window at the top right where we saw her 😉

Trying to have a break from the craziness we walked through the park up the mail, little did we know that we would come across the highlight of the day in some toilets. If we had known how entertained to 6-year-old girls would be by hand dryer and the noise that it makes ,we could’ve gone to anywhere.

We walked up the mall and saw the horse guards heading back to the stables, what an amazing thing to see, what a sight, wonderful memories right there. And 10 minutes in Trafalgar Square obviously getting hands wet in the fountains, then I helped them get up to the massive great Lions around Nelsons column where two 6-year-olds walked to the back of the lion looked at its bum and held their noses like it’s just done the biggest fart in their faces.

The Southbank was crazy busy with people trying to get on the London eye but we pushed through to Shrek’s adventures. I can honestly say this is fantastic if you’ve got children that have seen the film this is wonderful, it’s all interactive, like a walk through the film where you meet the characters and our children were chuffed to bits to be involved and loved every second of it and us grown-ups came out with big smiles on our faces too. You start the journey on the bus with a donkey driving and dragons and witches flying past day and it all goes downhill from there. We met Cindarella to help us on our way, a fortuneteller and a barmaid called Doris and it was fabulous!

And then the train journey home was a series of About 100 requests to go to the toilet, this of course is because the toilets on the train are all done by buttons and some little girls I know love pressing buttons, So much so I’m thinking of having a lock button put on my bathroom.


Pumpkin pain

Hats off to parents that have been carving and hollowing pumpkins for years, that is a tough gig man! It took me an hour per pumpkin, I’ve got rivets in my fingers and cuts on my hands and both orange fruity things look like they were done by a 2 year old!

I remember when I was little and had a birthday party close to Halloween, my dad did 30 of the scary faces, each one an original, for the kids to take home. But it turned out they were all petrified of them and no one was brave enough to take one home, so we were left with a very freaky looking garage, everywhere you turned little orange pumpkin heads laughing and looking at you.

Upstairs, downstairs

I just wanted to share a thought with you this week, are you the same as me, do you find parenting is mostly taking things upstairs and bringing things downstairs…..a lot? 😂😂😂

Fussy eating, no problem

My 5 year old daughter is a fussy eater some days. Those days are when she’s with me! I’m by no means the worlds best cook, but she turns her nose up at my culinary delights on a daily basis. But if she has a dinner put in front of her by nanny, she wolfs it down.

So this happened, i made a “nanny dinner” otherwise known as a roast chicken on Sunday, I have to call it that, she won’t eat it if she thinks I made it and sure as eggs is eggs she ate the lot!

Oh I’m such an earth mother!

I have to admit I did get a little nervous when my 5 year old announced she’d learnt a new word at school. Which expletive would it be? So my relief was palpable when she came out with “Namaste”!

It really made me feel like I’d made it as a parent! I had visions of her going to play dates at other people’s houses and coming out with the greeting at the door, the other parents thinking that I’m all earthy and organic and that we dress in hemp clothing and eat lentils, when the truth is we wear onesies all weekend, watch tele and eat chicken nuggets.

Good or bad parenting?

I’m yet to determine if the story im about to tell you makes me a good or a bad parent. Me and a friend of mine took our kids to a nice big play park to have a run around, let off some steam and have fun at the weekend. Good?

We perched ourselves on a bench away from anyone else so we could have as detailed a gossip as we liked. Bad?

The children were full of joy in the sandpit, quite happy to fill a bucket up then tip it over. Good?

I found a big bag of sweeties in my rucksack, so my friend and I fired through the lot of them, hiding them behind our backs anytime one of our cherubs came towards us. Bad?

No, actually I’ve concluded that it makes me a very very good parent to eat my daughter’s sweets, I’m saving her from obesity and her teeth rotting.

Good or bad, you decide, haha.

The art of communication…

From a very early age we learn how our kids communicate. When they’re babies we note distinctive cries for food or sleep. I’ve found this continuing through my daughter learning to speak, having to repeat the noises made to pick out words.

And then recently, a story she wrote, it’s a definite bestseller, but only if you speak what I like to call Loish (her name’s Lois).

Here’s the story……

Once upon a time, there was 3 little hatchimals, was going to the shop, the end.

Watch out JK Rowling!